Explorations in Time and Temporality

A Public Humanities Project by the Geoffrion Family Fellows at Miami University’s Humanities Center 2019-2020

Jenann Ismael

The Geoffrion Fellows’ last guest of the 2019 semester was acclaimed professor of philosophy at Columbia University, Dr. Jenann Ismael. She specializes in the philosophy of physics, metaphysics, philosophy of science and the philosophy of mind, with deep interests in the structure of space and time, quantum mechanics, and the foundations of physical laws. She is the author of How Physics Sets Us Free, The Situated Self, and Essays on Symmetry, as well as several peer-reviewed papers concerning the conflict between lived experience and physics, the implications of physics on issues of freedom, death, the nature of the self, and the problem of free will. She was a professor at the University of Arizona as well as Stanford, and was a senior research associate at the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney with a five-year Queen Elizabeth II research grant.