Explorations in Time and Temporality

A Public Humanities Project by the Geoffrion Family Fellows at Miami University’s Humanities Center 2019-2020

Queer Temporality

Dr. Jack Halberstam is a tenured Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature and the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Columbia University. He has published numerous books, including In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives (2005) and most recently Trans: A Quick and Quirky Account of Gender Variability (2018). His book Female Masculinity (1998) was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards. His research discusses anarchitecture, the deconstruction of gender, and gendered temporality, among other topics. 

In this podcast, Dr. Jack Halberstam discusses the shortcomings of the progress-oriented, propulsive temporality of late stage capitalism. To push back against that temporality, Halberstam proposes that studying and understanding the “political aesthetic content” of failed political movements can provide the perspective necessary to critique the problematic elements of dominant temporality.